Working with us - FAQ


I have an idea for a business, but i am not sure if it works?

No problem. That’s why we are here. Contact us for a FREE call to assess whether we can turn your idea into a business!

Will you do everything for me or will you only help me along the way?

We are a Full- Service Agency. We love executing your requests completely by ourselves so you can lean back and enjoy. However, we do also love entrepreneurs with their own vision, strategy and ideas. Therefore, we are also available to guide you along the way and make sure to strengthen the strategy that you set for your business together with you.

How does it work with the ADVERTISEMENTS?

Creating a solid Marketing Strategy is the first step for any successful business. But without successful marketing campaigns, the strategy is not worth anything. We can help you to get the most out of your marketing budget. We don’t focus on fancy ads or unnecessary expensive methods to reach your customers. We just focus on what’s working best right now at this moment (April 2019). And that’s Facebook and Instagram Ad Campaigns. We can help you to reach conversion rates as low as 1€ / Add to Cart with ad campaigns that have a relevancy score of 10/ 10 (See below).

Screenshot 2019-03-25 at 22.07.18.png

You can connect me to start-up events and increase my network?

When you start a business it is all about getting into the Start-Up scene: Meeting potential new partners, clients, investors, mentors and team members. There are hundreds of Start-up events happening. But where? And which one should you go to? That’s exactly where we can help you. We can create a customised calendar together with you to get you into the Start-up scene as fast and efficient as possible. The area that we focus on for this is the Netherlands (These scenes are based on location).
In addition to that, we will of course open our own network to you and connect you with anyone from our network that can be of potential value to your company. Connecting people is essential for any business and can only benefit us all.

You say you will keep me updated about the newest marketing tips, tricks and insights?

Absolutely. Once you are our client, we want to share all our knowledge with you of course. This includes informing you about current successful advertisement tips, tricks and methods. But the online adversement industry is ever changing rapidly from year to year. What worked well in 2018 does not work anymore in 2019. Therefore it is essential to stay up to date about the latest tips, tricks and insights. Finding these out takes a lot of time. But not if you are one of our clients ;)

How Much do you charge?

We either charge for a full project or on an hourly basis. As our focus target customers are small-scale business and starting entrepreneurs, we understand that in these phases of the business, budget is often limited. Therefore we are happy to adjust our fee to your budget and agree on a fee that is affordable for you. Feel free to contact us directly here to see if we can bring your business to the next level =)